From the start of our journey we were looking forward to our stay in Lecce and we weren’t disappointed.

Lecce is a wonderful city and it’ll be the perfect place where to live besides that there are no jobs opportunity for the young generations.

We stayed in the old town and we were amazed to see how even on Monday evening, the street were full of people going out and enjoying their time.

For our holiday here we decided to stay in an Airbnb considering that we needed a break from the hotel breakfast: you can’t eat every day croissants, eggs, fruits, cakes, etc.

Also it is essential to find a place in Lecce with free parking and our Airbnb was absolutely the perfect place for our stay.

Lecce is called the baroque city and it is a true beauty. It was a pleasure to walk around its streets and every corner was more amazing than the previous one.

The weather in November was good but chillier than Cefalù and Sicily in general.

Here we had our best food experience so far and also we played one innovative game called SALENTO ESCAPE GAME.

Lecce: The baroque italian city of Salento
Lecce is a beautiful city where it is still possible to have a nice quality life.
Things to see9.5
Family oriented9
9.1Overall Score

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