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It was the first time for me and I have only one regret: I should have done it earlier.

Salento Escape Game offers an incredible form of entertainment that you’ll make use your brain in a different way.

The game is really simple: you are trapped in room and you’ve to try to get out in 60 minutes. In the mean time you are unveiling a well designed story (in our case the Serial killer of hotel porters).

We couldn’t manage to finish the game in an hour considering how many locks you have to open however we had plenty of fun.

Absolutely a great way of enjoying a different night out in Lecce.

Thanks to Stefano and Gabriele to have made our night special.

Salento Escape Game

Address Viale dell’Università 45, 73100 Lecce (Le)  

Phone 0039 328 6775829  

E mail  

Opening Hours  Only by appointment

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