When I first visited Rome (Roma) some years ago I felt in love with the vibrancy of the city and I promised myself to come back one day and to to live here.

Now that many years have passed, I can say that I’ve changed my mind and I don’t fancy Rome anymore.

Even if it is a beautiful city there are plenty of other places that are even better (For example Lucca and Lecce) and also the number of tourists is just growing ever year.

When a place is so full of tourist is difficult to enjoy it and you are more focusing in avoiding people or looking for quite places where to stay.

For this reason we decided to stay in a five stars hotel outside the city centre and we were super happy with our choice. Also staying outside the old town allowed us to save a considerable amount of money.

Hotels in Rome can be pretty expensive and as well the restaurants. We had a lovely lunch in the japanese restaurant ROKKO however we felt that the price was too high considering the quality. (In London with the same money you can eat in Roka)

Roma must be visited at least once however I believe that you won’t enjoy your stay. Just to give you an example the queue for the Vatican’s museums can last even some hours. Better to spend your precious time somewhere else.

How can you miss Roma when you are visiting italy?
Rome is getting too chaotic
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