Alberobello is another must destination because it offers an unique area where little houses called trulli are recreating a J KK Tolkien atmosphere.

We spent one night only in a real truly house and it was a fantastic experience. November is already out of season and entire trulli area was closed during our stay. However one thing that it is mentioned on the lonely planet as well is that the area has been transformed in a “tourist trap”.

There are indeed plenty of shops and restaurants with signs in JAPANESE and CHINESE selling plenty of useless things in the Trulli area and it is clear that the beauty of the area has been shadowed by the making money approach.

It is a pity and I’m truly hoping that Matera, elected Cultural city for the 2019, won’t finish in the same way.

The food in Alberobello is again heavy and not of my like. However we had a nice experience in a local place where you can choose your meat to be cooked directly from the counter. No michelin star cooking but genuine good meat grilled in charcoal oven.

Another MUST STOP in Apulia: Alberobello’s Trulli
Do to yourself a favor and spend 1 night in a Trulli in Alberobello
things to see8.5
family oriented8
8.4Overall Score

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