Matera is a beautiful and modern city of the region Apulia (Puglia) and it is a pleasant place to visit. But instead of being interested in the modern part, you should be looking to spend some nights in the oldest area called SASSI.

I sassi are caves that have been just recently rediscovered by the locals after years of abandonment due to its poor health conditions. In the 1960s the government even forced the relocation of all the habitants of this particular caves where 10 or more people were living in 1 small room shared with animals such as cows and donkeys.

Only in recent years the government has started to revive the area thanks also the incredible scenographic landscape offered by this caves and the over 40 churches designed inside the rocks.

Just to give you an idea, Mel Gibson has recorded here his movie The passion of Christ due to the beauty and such preserved state of the constructions that resemble a landscape of 2,000 years ago.

I sassi di Matera is a place that must be seen to be fully appreciated and the photos will give no justice to such a beauty.

We spent few days inside a restored Sasso in the beautiful hotel “Palazzo degli abati”.

The food in Matera on the contrary lacks any highlight and it is too heavy for our palate.

Some photos of i Sassi di Matera

Are still humans leaving in caves? Visit the Sassi of Matera to find out!
The Sassi area is unique in the world and must be visited once in the life time to connect with our history.
Things to see8.5
Family oriented7.5
8.5Overall Score

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