Contact us

There could be several reasons why you want to get in touch with us. Maybe we’ve been in our of your hotel, restaurants or shops and you want to just say “hi” or maybe you are thinking about inviting us to stay in your place for a honest review and some feedbacks given by our 10years+ experience in hospitality.

Don’t forget that I own and manage several properties in the hospitality sector: “Guest houses, serviced apartments, holiday lets, students houses, etc.”. I’ve been personally involved in launching small hotels with getting my hands dirty in setting up every single details (ota registrations and setup, customer service, websites and marketing, cleaning rota, furnishing, stock ordering, absolutely everything that you have to do when you launch a small business from scratch and you make it big!)

Some people have asked us if we (as a family) get paid of get discounts in staying in some of the hotels and restaurants that we review. The answer is yes considering the popularity of our network and feedbacks that we can provide. At the same time I want to assure every single reader that we won’t publish positive comments about restaurants, hotels, shops, businesses, etc. in exchange for money. All our reviews are genuine and we go to places only that match our idea of travelling.

So don’t be afraid to get in touch and I promise you that I’ll get back in 3 working days.