We started planning our journey a couple of months ago when we realised that our life needed a big change.

Living in London is beautiful until you are still single, young and hungry. When you start having a family your priorities change in spending more time with the people that you love instead of commuting in the underground.

There are several reasons why people are starting traveling and definitely we aren’t the first family to do that.

Considering that we aren’t the millionaire bucket family list, our journey will start with going around Europe and we’ll see what will happened next.

A lot of family and friends have asked a various number of questions regarding our journey and I’ve decided to start this blog with all the possible answers:

Where are you going?

First we’ll travel around Europe. We’ll start with Italy and after we’ll see what the future brings to us.

How are you gonna fund your journey?

Of course when you tell to someone that you’ll be traveling for one year or more the first thing that they will say is: “how can you afford it?”

The answer is really simple: “we’ll keep working whilst traveling”

Why are you doing it?

The first answer is: “Why not?” ­čśÇ

The second one is the usual  spend more time with the family.

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