It has been quite a while that I haven’t been in a restaurant of such a level. Especially in the south of Italy where the restaurants are struggling in finding a real identity between fine dining, good food and good value.

The restaurant was packed of local during our visit and still we were impressed by the smooth and attentive service.

We had a mixed fish starter, risotto with prawns and tuna steak plus sea urchin as special of the day (still out of season)

The food was consistent in quality and freshness and the mix dessert platter was superb.

But what was really remarkable about the entire lunch experience was the flow with food, wine and service.

The staff and the sommelier (maybe the owner) were constantly supervising us and every single request was satisfied in seconds. There was no hesitation in trying to satisfy us and to give us a great experience of eating out.

The final surprise was the bill, almost half of what we’d have expected to pay considering the Michelin star level of the service. (Of course without the formal outfit)

We have been traveling now for two months in the south of Italy and this is the first time that we have a truly remarkable experience.

We’ll be back

Gambero Rosso Lecce
Via Marino Brancaccio, 18
73100 Lecce
tel: 0832 301369
cell.: 389 6190052

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