Monreale is just 10 minutes away from Palermo however it feels to be completely in a different world, especially out of season. The place is quite and on Sunday morning you can see the people leaving the main Church (Duomo o Cattedrale) at the end of usual sermon.

Monreale offers a spectacular view of Palermo and this is just already enough to take some beautiful photos. The cathedral as well is quite stunning and this is the main reason why this small town is considered also a tourist destination.

During our quick break we had the opportunity to have lunch in a nice restaurant and to spend some time in the local playground for children (parco giochi)

Seeing Palermo from the Monreale hill will give you a great perspective of the city
Half a day visit is enough to discover Monreale and enjoy a wonderful view of Palermo
Things to see8
family oriented7
7.8Overall Score

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