As for us we’ve finally arrived in Sicily. It’s taken us about 10 days to cross Italy from north to south. It’s been a beautiful journey yet tiring. I’m so glad that finally we are in one place for 5 days. We set off in Tuscany which, as the story says, is truly beautiful, charming and unique. One would think that after receiving an ocean of tourists each day most of the year it would become cheap looking and tacky. But no, Tuscany doesn’t stop to amaze architecturally,culinary and any other level you think of.

From Tuscany we moved to Naples and Calabria. The difference between the north and south is more than noticeable. The more south we travelled, the more likely it was to see rundown houses, abandoned uncompleted buildings or street dogs or cats. And of course, well infamous rubbish in the streets. One thing though, that all places have in common is kind and very friendly people who eagerly chat to you in the streets.

Tropea, a lovely little town in the south reminded me a lot of Cuba that is old, charming buildings yet not kept up to date hence run down. It gave Tropea a unique look and surprising coziness. The rustic look after all is what gives the place character and unusual beauty.

What we’ve discovered so far is that: firstly, photo opportunities are boundless, any corner or street you look at you want to capture to remember the moment of awe and beauty. Over and over we say ‘wow! that’s so beautiful! Secondly, the tourist season doesn’t seem to stop by approaching autumn and cooler days….

At the moment we are in Taormina, which broadly is described as captivating, stealing your heart from the start. And it does but yet again we were not prepared to see overwhelming crowds of tourists. And yet again it’s a very likeable and inviting place. I admire local people of not being tired of seeing so many different people passing by the streets every day. I do admire how they manage to remain friendly and unspoilt.

Oki doki, all for now from me. Today it’s raining hence with pleasure I’m staying in.

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