We spent only 2 nights in Florence and we moved to Siena for a 3 nights stay. Here we decided to stay in a better hotel however quite far from the city center (20 minutes by walk)

Siena is well know for its Palio (a horse race hold twice a year). This isn’t a glamours event but a more traditional and historical competition since the medieval era.

Siena is quite similar to Lucca however there are two big differences:

  • Siena isn’t flat (so you have to be up for some stairs and up/down hills)
  • In some parts of the pedestrian area there are a lot of cars passing by!!!

Hotel in Siena - Garden Hotel

We decided to stay in the Garden Hotel in Siena considering the beautiful setting. The hotel boost a lot of green, a swimming pool and a fantastic terrace where to admire  Siena from distance.

The distance is the only downside of this hotel considering that it takes a good 20 minutes to reach the center.

The hotel has seen better days but still can offer a good charm and service. The aperitif is absolutely great with abundance of food to eat.  One evening we even skipped dinner completely and we had just food from the aperitif bar (you pay only for your drinks and you can eat as much as you want).

Unfortunately it was already too cold in order to enjoy the swimming pool.

Families tips:

The rooms are really spacious and you will have no problem with your child. The swimming pool is great for children however only in full summer considering the temperatures in the other months. Unfortunately there isn’t a playground for children and considering the outdoor space it shouldn’t be a problem for the hotel to have it.

My opinion about the Hotel:

Score 75 Points

Restaurant in Siena: Mad in Italy biobar

This restaurant has been a great discovery and we really enjoyed every single dish. We tried the mad in italy starter that comes with a little bit of everything. This is a great choice that will allow you to try what is fresh on that day.


Families tips:

The restaurant Mad in Italy has a high chair for babies. The restaurant has some toys such as dwarves so your baby will be entertained during the meal. The pastas sauces aren’t really the best choices for small children however our Oscar loved the farro with liver (fegatini),

My opinion about the restaurant:

Score 80 Points
Siena: another beautiful city in Tuscany
Siena is a nice city however it isn't really family oriented considering the number of cars that go through the pedestrian area
Things to see8
Family Oriented7
7.5Overall Score
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