Tuscany (Toscana)  is one of the regions in Italy with the best wine yards  and some of them have been classified as SUPER TUSCAN.

Antinori, Bolgheri, Sassicaia, Tenuta San Guido, Chianti these are just few of the most recognised words that will let you imagination flying in Italy and dreaming to be drink a full of spirit red wine whilst contemplating the magnificent landscape.

Considering that we are planning to come back to Tuscany soon we decided to book a wine tasting that was including Wine (of course) and truffle (tartufo).

We were lucky enough to find the company “Podere la Marronaia” with its amazing Podere le colonne (Sosta alle colonne) where was possible to enjoy the above mentioned menu in an amazing stone cottage ( casolare in pietra)

After the lovely lunch we visited San Gimignano and we weren’t expecting such a beautiful hill town. It is definitely a place worth to visit.

Wine tasting: Sosta alle colonne

La Marronaia is a wine company run by the  Morrocchi family and we had the opportunity to spend 2 hours in the company of Pietro, the oldest son.

Pietro has spent the last 15 years with his family to create a dining experience difficult to forget. The food is genuinely good and the wines from the Morrocchi Family allows you to embrace the passion behind making wine.

The portions are really generous and the experience was really great considering that you’ll have a private room for yourself. That makes the entire wine tasting more personal and you’ll be able to ask all the questions that you want. I’ve been to other wine tastings where there are long tables of 10-20 people and you don’t really have the chance to spend some time in understanding the wine and the passion behind it.

We spent a reasonable 40 euros for the the truffle lunch and wine tasting in San Gimignano. This is really good value for money!!

You can ask more information directly to the Morrocchi Family at this email address info@marronaia.com

Families tips:

We had the truffle lunch with our Oscar however he was sleeping for more than half meal. The experience last at least two hours and in my opinion it isn’t really suitable for a 2 years old baby.  We were really lucky that Oscar slept for so long on that day.

My opinion about the restaurant:

Score 85 Points

Aperitif: D!Vineria San Gimignano

Our aperitif in D!vineria became a dinner after tasting several wines and the cured meat board.

The food was great and the wine selected by the owner wonderful. The list of wine is quite extensive and there are amazing bottles of champagne that you won’t find in the usual places.

Families tips:

The D!vineria is quite a small place and there isn’t a high chair for babies. The food served isn’t really suitable for babies.

My opinion about the restaurant:

Score 78 Points
San Gimignano: Nice wine and beautiful City
San Gimignano is worth the visit! With small children isn't the best place considering that is uphill and the main attraction is the wine!!
Things to see8.5
Family Oriented6.5
7.9Overall Score
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