The super famous restaurant the Fat Duck owned by Heston Blumenthal is one of the few 3 Michelin star restaurant that besides offering amazing food they try to offer something else.

Thanks to the help of the chef Jonny Lake, they have created a menu that it isn’t only stunning but also beautiful presented with a story that unravel little by a little.

Anyone that works in the food industry should visit the Fat Duck. (once is enough)

  • High Street, Bray, Berkshire, SL6 2AQ

  • 350£ per person

  • Last Visit April 2016

Michelin stars
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    The food

    Impressive. The idea is that your palate should not be fooled by your eyes.

    The majority of dishes are stunning and beautifully presented.

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    The Wine

    Of course you must have the wine paring with your tasting menu. Besides the wine you’ll enjoy also some extravagant cocktails and jelly whisky!

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    You MUST book well in advance in order to reserve a table at the Fat Duck.

    You can book online up to 3 months in advance. New tables are released every first Wednesday of the month at 12:00pm .

    So my advice is to setup an alarm for that day…. and remember that you’ll have to pay 255£ per guest in advance.

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    The Business Side

    Is the Fat Duck a profitable restaurant? Yes it is.  The average meal will be at least 350£ per person and they are always fully booked for lunch and dinner.

    There are roughly 35 covers and they are open 5 days a week. The estimated turnover  will be around 6-7,000,000 pounds a year.

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    Brand awareness

    Heston Blumenthal has created an incredible brand about himself and his most famous restaurant.

    If you search Fat Duck on google you’ll find only results about his restaurant and the majority of the articles are from important newspapers such as The Guardian, Telegraph and the best food critic Andy Hayler.

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    Social Media

    Heston and the Fat Duck do not exist on facebook.

    Actually the situation is really bad because there are several fake pages about the Fat Duck on twitter and facebook. So not only they aren’t on any social media, but they are even threatened by fake accounts that could damage their presence online.

Some photos of the Fat Duck in Bray

The Fat Duck: An incredible journey
Life is a journey and the fat duck offers you a journey that you should not miss!
  • Amazing food
  • Amazing wine
  • Amazing techniques
  • The dining room is too simple and plain
9.3Overall Score
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