The Constance Moofushi has been definitely one of the best hotels and experience in my life so far and I’m happy to share it with you.

This little resort is located in a small Island of the Ari Atoll, in the Maldives. The beauty of the surrounding is incredible and for some people should be enough to have a 5 stars hotel.

However is the cristal all inclusive service that achieves any of your dreams because it delivers outstanding quality in a world where you don’t need your credit card with you all the time.

The quality of the food was ridiculously so good that we couldn’t believe that it was an all inclusive. The same is regarding cocktails, wine, etc. Everything that you are dreaming off the staff will make it happen.

Of course there some extra charges and considering the location they come at a premium. (Just the plane transport to get to the island is 500£)

The location is of course amazing and the staff will genuinely looking after you. Considering the size of the resort, also the staff will start knowing you pretty soon and deliver a bespoke service.

  • Ari Atoll, Maldives

  • 600£ per night

  • Last visit: November 2015

Constance Moofushi stars:

Discover why this hotel is a place where to stay
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    The hotel

    You are on your private Island shared with another 50 guests. What you can desire more in life?

    The Island also is so big that you won’t feel the presence of the other guests if you prefer to stay with only your partner.

    I’m talking about partner because this hotel is designed mainly for couples.

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    The Rooms

    The rooms are called Villas and are literally houses on the sea. You have your own private access to the sea and the villas are spacious and with all the comforts that you want.

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    The food

    Michelin star level. Definitely the best breakfast in my life with all the possible choices prepared in front of you.

    The lunch buffet and the dinners were again outstanding and the variety of food sensational. It doesn’t matter what you feel like tonight, they’ll have it! (even in such a small Island)!

    Some restaurants are offering a la carte menu and you have to pay extra for this choices. If I’m not wrong in the package you have a night where you can eat there for free and the other nights will charge you.

    Usually the restaurant is chosen for special occasions only.

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    This kind of resorts are expensive so it’s important to do an extensive research to save the most. A Holiday here could cost you even 10,000£ so saving 10% is a good 1k saving.

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    The Business Side

    Great. They have created a beautiful resort and Constance has created a brand that offers the chain feeling (the crystal package and similar design) but at the same time an unique experience.

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    Brand awareness

    The brand Constance isn’t super famous around the world and most probably will never be. At the moment the company isn’t opening new hotels and the hotels are too niche to be noticed worldwide.

    At the same time the beauty of the brand is that it offers a luxurious service to a selected group of people.

    Constance delivers.

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    Social Media

    Constance is on facebook and twitter and it gathers hundreds of thousands of followers.

    A photo of a nice beach on Facebook will always attract a lot of visitors and I believe that it creates a desire from everyone to be there and enjoy that kind of holiday.

Some photos of the Hotel Maldives Constance Moofushi

Constance Moofushi: Am I dreaming?
Just amazing. of course this kind of dream isn't cheap as the ones that you can have every night in your bed
The Hotel9
The Rooms9
The Facilities9
The Restaurants9
The Business9
  • The beauty of the Island
  • The service
  • The food
  • The price of course
9Overall Score

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