If you are planning to visit Singapore there’ll be two hotels where to stay: the Raffles and The Fullerton.

Yes there are other 50 or more 5 stars hotels (most probably the highest number in the world per population), however I believe that when you have so much choice you have to choose also considering the heritage and the importance of the hotel in the area.

You can always visit the other hotels bar and restaurants during your stay so you won’t miss out anything.

Be aware that the Fullerton is the best hotel in the area only if you stay in the  Straits Club floor.

The straits club offers you  EVERY DAY of your stay: Champagne breakfast, afternoon tea, evening canapes and cocktails in a dedicated Lounge. Plus you have a dedicated concierge service and many other privileges. Absolutely worth the money.

  • 1 Fullerton Square, Singapore 049178

  • 250£ per night

  • Last visit: November 2012

Fullerton Hotel stars:

Discover why this hotel is a place where to stay
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    The hotel

    Next to the Singapore rivere there is this beautiful building built in 1928. It is considered a national Monument and it is stunning.

    The inside of the hotel is as you’ll expect a 5 stars hotel of this standard.

    As I said if you choose the Straits club, you’ll spend most of your time in a floor dedicated to the straits club members.

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    The Rooms

    Simple and nice. Nothing too luxurious or too complicated.

    Some rooms, even in the straits Club, could be quite small. My advice is to book a bigger room only if you’ll stay for a week.

    As stopover for 1-2 days isn’t really worth  to splash the money. Don’t forget that Singapore is one of the most expensive cities in the world.

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    The food

    The food in the straits club is really good and the unlimited champagne even better. The other restaurants are quite good however I’ll advise you to go eat outside the hotel.

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    book the Straits Club.

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    The Business Side

    The hotel Fullerton has over 400 rooms in an unique building.

    In order to guarantee the success of the business they offer top class service.

    If you consider that there are over 50 hotels rated with 5 stars, it’ll be immediately clear that it is important to have an extra gear against your competitors if you want to win the battle.

    The heritage of the building itself gives that recognition that other companies had to compensate with exception investments in design and architecture.

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    Brand awareness

    As I said in the intro I believe that Singapore has two hotels: The Raffles and The Fullerton.

    All the other 5 stars hotels are owned by big chains such as Hilton (conrad), hyatt, etc.

    Even if these other hotels look beautiful, still people won’t be able to distinguish one from another.

    The Fullerton on the contrary is taking full advantage of the position on the Singapore river and it has been immortalized in photos taken by every single tourist coming to Singapore.

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    Social Media

    Absolutely spot on.

    Facebook, instagram, youtube, pinterest, tripadvisor, twitter and youtube.

    The final touch:

    On tripadvisor the General manage replies to every single comment.

    If you are wondering how to build successfully a social media presence, please look no further.

    The Fullerton will show you how to do it!

Some photos of the hotel The Fullerton in Singapore

The Fullerton Hotel: The Straits club floor
The place where to stay in Singapore
The hotel8
The Rooms7
The facilities8
The Restaurants8
The business10
  • Straits club
  • location
  • Heritage building
  • Rooms a little too simple
8.2Straits Club
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