Few years ago I had the opportunity to spend a wonderful week in the resort Constance Moofushi in the Maldives. (you can read my business review here and look at other Maldives photos here)

Considering that I had one of the best experiences of my life, I stepped by their website looking for the destination for our next holiday and I got completely captured by the video above.

Now everyone is doing marketing videos with drones such as the DJ PHANTOM 4 and similar however only few companies managed to put together a really enjoyable experience that gives you the feeling to be there with the people recording the videos.

The 1 minute and 46 seconds shows exactly what means to arrive in the island by the private plane, start hearing the noise of the sea, walking inside your lovely villa, enjoying the swimming pool and so on.

The beauties that you can see in the advertising video represent the exact reality of what you’ll get. There is no fake editing or differences from how the place looks like.


And what about the competition?

Tripadvisor is as usual the easiest place where to find the best resorts in the maldives and the list include:

  1. Mirihi Island Resort
  2. Gili Lankafushi Maldives
  3. Como Cocoa Islands
  4. Baros Maldives
  5. Komandoo Maldives
  6. Taj Exotica Resort & Spa
  7. Kandolhu Maldives
  8. Lux South Ari atoll
  9. Constance Moofushi
  10. Anatara veli maldives resort

Only few Hotels have a real marketing video but none of them creates the perfect FLOW of the Moofoshi Resort.

It’s also the story telling style that makes the difference and hits the spot.


Lux Video

Lux for example is trying to recreate a similar video however the editing feels much more amateurish and it doesn’t excite you at all.

Lux Video

Kandolhu Video

Horrible music, some scenes have the sky covered in clouds

COMO Video

Boring, nothing is happening and too slow

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