Colombo is the capital of Sri Lanka and there are chances that you’ll make a stop over in this city due to cheap flight connection with Europe.

Colombo is a super busy city and the humidity can reach horrible values so it is essential to stay in a beautiful hotel that will let you forget the surroundings of the metropoly.

For this reason we chose to stay in Casa Colombo, an hotel where the design is incredible and every single detail will amaze you.

It is a boutique hotel and the most welcoming feeling is given by your personal Butler (Casa Domo). The butler will be your only point of contact with the staff of the hotel during your stay delivering an outstanding experience. (yes, they expect a tip at the end of your stay)

The hotel starts feeling his age after the renovation of few years ago. It feels like that the owner is more focused on other projects than keeping the hotel in high standard especially regarding the food offered.


  • 150£ per night

  • Last visit: November 2015

Casa Colombo stars:

Discover why this hotel is a place where to stay
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    The hotel

    The hotel itself is beautiful but it is located in a dreadful area (Business district) considering how Colombo gives a feeling of a metropoly.

    The details of the rooms are however exceptional and it is worth 1-2 nights stay.

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    The Rooms

    There are 3 types of suites: Traveler, Corporate and Royal.

    The spaces are great and the Travelers suite is good enough for a young couple whilst the other two suites offer plenty of space and comfort.

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    The food

    The real downside of this hotel. The staff and most probably the owner lacks a real understanding of good food. This is reflected in the menu (mexican cuisine in a 5 stars hotel?!? )  and how the staff believes that the food offered is good enough for guests that are paying 300£ a night for the room.

    Sri Lanka isn’t a fine dining destination however the hotel must change the restaurant menu and chef.

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    Pick the Traveler suite because it is a lot cheaper from the others. Stay 1-2 nights just for admiring the hotel and after move to another destination (maybe away from Colombo).

    The traffic is dreadful, so get ready to long queues to get to the hotel by taxi.

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    The Business Side

    The hotel Casa Colombo has managed thanks to his owner to create almost a pioneer in boutique hotels. The design of the rooms is incredible.

    It is so good that they are even selling the furniture of the hotel. Besides that the hotel is failing to deliver and it shown by the rates that are going down.

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    Brand awareness

    Casa Colombo is 11th on 46 hotels in Tripadvisor however if you check the other hotels you’ll notice that is one of its kind and you can’t really compare it with the others in the list.

    The brand is quite strong also with the locals and it gets a lot of press coverage

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    Social Media

    The website is one of the worst in modern eras. It was done 5-6 years ago and you can feel it.

    On Facebook the presence is strong thanks to the locals that are using the venue for parties or just for a lunch spot (it looks like that in Sri Lanka the mexican cuisine is a good novelty)

Some photos of the hotel Casa Colombo in Sri Lanka

Casa Colombo: one of the most amazing design hotel
A design hotel that sells its own furniture.
The Hotel8
The rooms9.5
The facilities7
The Restaurants6
The business8
  • The design of the suites
  • The butler service
  • The location
7.7Overall Score

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