Italy is well known to be one of the most beatiful place in world and the Amalfi Coast is definitely the best expression of this beauty.

In the lovely fisherman’s village of Amalfi, you can find a Grand hotel with the feeling to be really in an exclusive location. The position of the hotel and the views are so amazing to make this place really special.

The Convento di Amalfi is an hotel born in a secluded part of Amalfi, where the Cappuccini Monastery was buil in 1214 and here you can still walk around the ruins of the Monastery and at the same time be in 5 stars hotel.

  • Via Annunziatella, 46 – 84011 Amalfi (SA) Italy

  • 380£ per night

  • Last visit: September 2014

Grand Hotel Convento Di Amalfi stars:

Discover why this hotel is a place where to stay
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    The hotel

    The building itself is incredible and with such spectacular location is really difficult to go wrong.

    The view of Amalfi is really breath taking and I strongly advice to stay in this hotel to anyone that wants to visit the Amalfi Coast.

    The hotel offers everything that you will need for your journey and even if it is positioned on a cliff, there are lifts to go around the building.

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    The Rooms

    The rooms are well designed in white and neautral tones. There is enough space for a short stay in the Superior room but for longer stays and families it is mandatory to take a suite and the prices will go up significantly.

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    The food

    The food meets the expectation of such hotel however during the time of my visit, the new japanese/fusion restaurant wasn’t open yet.

    So I can’t really comment on the new dining experience however breakfast and luch were definitely up to standard.

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    The amalfi coast is lovely and there is plenty to visit.

    At the same time the villages are really small and in my opinion is better to stay 3-4 nights in the Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi and after move to another village such as Capri, Positano or Sorrento.

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    The Business Side

    NH group has done an amazing job in acquiring this hotel.

    This is an hotel that brings prestige to the NH COLLECTION and must be regarded as pure gem.

    The business side of the NH hotels Group would require pages and pages about their organisation and I’ll be happy to discuss about it on request.

    Just one thing: the booking system on the websites is horrific.

    This hotel in particular works quite well and it is difficult to faulty it.

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    Brand awareness

    The Convento Amalfi has a quite good brand awareness and is second on tripadvisor as best hotels in Amalfi. (the position is due by the fact that the first hotel spends much more on Tripadvisor in advertising and targets a lower clientele)

    The NH group (a Spanish Company) on the contrary is still struggling to get in the position that deserves as hotels chain, especially for the NH COLLECTION.

    Be aware that the difference between the NH standard hotels and the NH collection is significant.

    I like the idea that they kept the same NH connotation in the name insteand of changing it as other groups have done (Hilton-Conrard, Keey hotels, Shangri-la, Radisson Blu, Quorvus Collection)

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    Social Media

    Again here I like the idea that there is no specific twitter/facebook account for the Convento Amalfi hotel and on the contrary you are redirected to the main company pages NH COLLECTION.

    This solution makes absolutely sense in order to keep look after good social accounts and reduce costs.

Some photos of the Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi

Convento di Amalfi: a NH beauty
The building and the location are stunning.
The Hotel8.5
The Rooms8.5
The Facilities8
The Restaurants8
The Business8
  • The view
  • The building
  • The price for the suites
8.2Overall Score

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