If you’ve felt in love with a movie located in remote greek Island, showing beautiful landscapes, white and blue houses, turquoise water and amazing food, YOU HAVE TO GO TO SANTORINI.

And Andronis offers incredible suites that will make your dream come true.

Just be aware that the dream doesn’t come cheap considering that a suite is around 600£ per night!

Andronis Luxury Suites stars:

Discover why this hotel is a place where to stay
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    The hotel

    The location is amazing.

    It is really a dream to wake up every morning and to have such incredible view of the sea.

    ps. the hotel and the town are suitable only for people in good health that have no problems in walking up and down the astonishing number of stairs that you’ll encounter.

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    The Rooms

    Astonishing. The suites are created inside the rock and they are super cool even in the hottest days.

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    The food

    ok the breakfast is quite good and you’ll have it in your private terrace. However the rest of the food isn’t the best.

    Especially the price really puts you off considering that just outside the hotel you can eat better for a fraction of price.

    In 2016 they are pushing a Gastronomical Event in Santorini. So for these special nights I’ll expect that the quality of food will be definitely better.

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    Ok the nightly rate is expensive if you aren’t a football player or a billionaire.

    So it is essential to do an extensive research online in order to find the best deal. (soon I’ll publish my personal strategy to save money when booking such expensive hotels)

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    The Business Side

    Andronis is a great brand and they have several hotels/suites/villas in Santorini. They offer all the possible service that a wealthy person will need whilst on holiday and they also give you the opportunity to buy your room.

    Yes you can buy the suite where you are staying for the astonishing price of 1.2 million of euro. (the cheap one, the real deal is over 3 million)

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    Brand awareness

    They are working quite hard in pushing the brand and I’ve to say that the gastronomy idea is really great  https://www.andronisgastronomy.com/

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    Social Media

    Facebook is used quite well whilst the other social will be better to delete the accounts instead of keeping low quality videos or photos in it.

Some photos of the Andronis luxury suites

Andronis Luxury Suites: Paradise in Santorini
the location and the hotel are amazing.
The Hotel9
The Rooms9.5
The Facilities8
The Restaurant6.5
The Business10
  • Location
  • the view from the suite
  • the price
8.6Overall Score

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