I expect that the majority of people know that Gordon Ramsay isn’t cooking anymore in his restaurant over 10 years ago.

After several incredible head chef and the last departure of Clare Smyth, it’s the time of Matt Abé as head chef of the flagship restaurant Gordon Ramsay in Hospital Road.

The restaurant holds 3 michelin stars and offers really a fine dining experience.

  • 68 Royal Hospital Rd, London SW3 4HP

  • 350£ per person

  • Last Visit April 2014

Michelin stars
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    The food

    Classic, modern, simple, delicate, refreshing.

    Honestly I believe that Gordon Ramsay Restaurant offers classic dishes with modern elements, not over complicated with delicate and refreshing taste.

    There are elements that make the restaurant slightly more sophisticated than Alain Ducasse however both of them have similar standard

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    The Wine

    As you can imagine the wine list is really long and with plenty of wines to choose from. The markup is quite high and as usual the best advice is to go with the wine paring.

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    The restaurant is quite small and the availabilities are low. It is open only Monday to Friday and it is tricky to find a table.

    The best solution is to call them and say that you want to any day for lunch. Anyway expect to have to book 2 months in advance.

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    The Business Side

    Gordon Ramsay is better in business than cooking.

    And this means that he is really good in business considering that he is a good chef as well.

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    Brand awareness

    Gordon Ramsay.

    Nothing to add

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    Social Media

    Heston Blumenthal should be taking lessons from the Gordon Ramsay marketing team.

    It isn’t really necessary to splash a big budget in order to achieve great results with social media nowadays.

    And no one needs to have a game app with his name on it.

Some photos of Gordon Ramsay at Royal Hospital Road

Gordon Ramsay Restaurant: Royal Hospital Road
Top quality restaurant in terms of food and service.
  • food seriously good
  • Gordon Ramsay isn't cooking
  • difficult to book
  • wine expensive
9.1Overall Score

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