Hyde park is one of the most famous parks in London and when seen from the 28th floor it looks really stunning.

Galvin at Windows is one of the several restaurants under the belt of the two Galvin’s Brothers. Not only the view is incredible but also the food pretty good achieving 1 michelin star level.

The head chef Joo Woo has produced a good french menu that is worth alone to make you book a table in this restaurant. (but with this amazing view there are a lot of chances that you’ll come back here many times)


  • 120£ per person

  • Last Visit February 2016

Michelin stars
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    The food

    Really good.  As usual I strongly advice you to get the tasting menu however when you start to be a regular there a some dishes that are worth having every time.

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    The Wine

    Yes the wine list is really long and yes the markup has to cover the costs to be dining at the 28th floor.

    My advice: wine paring or stick with a champagne bottle. It isn’t worth to try to pick a good wine from the list when the markup reach 4 times the real value, the chances of drinking average wine is quite high.

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    Come for Lunch. the menu is priced a 33£ for 3 courses and you can have also a menu with wine, water and coffee for 55£.

    Really incredible value for money!

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    The Business Side

    The Galvin brothers know their business very well.

    What started long time as a passion for food has been transformed in passion for business.

    With Galvin books, champagne, wine, gifts card, etc. they covered every single possible side of the business.

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    Brand awareness

    Amazing job again.

    The real touch is when Jeff Galvin came out once to discuss the particular dietary requirements with my wife. The buzz in the room was really good in showing how great the brand is considered.

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    Social Media

    The GalvinTv shows how social media is evolving and the quality of the videos is really high.

    The important lesson here is that, even such big company, stopped producing new videos because it is expensive and also they couldn’t really get the amount of viewings that they were aiming for.

    Fred Sirlelx got a lot of visibility through the program First dates in tv. It’s undeniable that Fred enjoys his celebrity status and it shows it around. However he delivers a good job as general manager and it adds even more to the company.

Some photos of Galvin at Windows

Galvin at Windows: Your private view of Hyde park
Truly one of the most beautiful restaurants in London
  • the view
  • the food
  • the price of the wine
8.5Overall Score

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