Even if a lot of people don’t value the Indian cuisine, it is possible to have a michelin indian restaurant.

Indian food is always associated with the takeaway industry and brands such as just east have brought a bad appeal to indian and Chinese restaurants.

On the contrary Indian food is superlative good especially if eaten in the right places (avoid justeat as a start).

Tamarind is a fine restaurant in Mayfair with a michelin star. In my opinion the michelin star has been assigned mainly because of the idea of a fine indian restaurant with a high level of service more than to classify this restaurant as the best and most flavored indian food in London.

Michelin stars
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    The food

    It is good but it isn’t great.

    The presentation is neat and resemble the michelin star level however I didn’t experience such a big difference from other indian restaurants.

    Just to clarify that I’ve been in India as well and I’ve eaten in over 50 indian restaurants. My wife has lived in India for 1 year.

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    The Wine

    The wine list is extensive with a good selection. Being in Mayfair means that the wine is priced accordingly and it isn’t really good value for money.

    Some of the wines have even a markup of 4 times the real value. Better to be sober for one day.

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    Easy to find a table at the last minute.

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    The Business Side

    Difficult to say.

    It is successful considering the neighborhood.

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    Brand awareness

    No really great.

    at the moment they are pushing the sister restaurant Zaika of Kensington. I’ve never been there so I can’t make any comment.

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    Social Media

    The facebook page is quite active and things are happening.

    They have done a nice video that shows the restaurant.

Some photos of Tamarind of Mayfair

Tamarind of Mayfair: Indian restaurant
Pricey indian with bad value for money.
  • The food isn't bad
  • mayfair
  • wine too expensive
  • there are better indians restaurant
6.6Overall Score

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