Even if London has a considerably big fish market, there aren’t really a lot of fish only restaurants that stand out from the crowd.

Angler is trying to fill the gap in the market  with proposing itself as fish restaurant and it has done remarkably well considering the Michelin star achieved.

As part of the group D&D restaurant I consider the star even more important. The group now is getting better and better however some years ago it was quite common to dine in their restaurants and see a lack of consistence in the food. ()

Angler is an exception and is consistent in terms of food quality and service.

It isn’t  the best fish restaurant in the world, but you can have an enjoyable business or romantic meal.

Michelin stars
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    The food

    Simple and good.

    The recipes aren’t over complicated and it is difficult to be disappointed.

    The portions are relatively small but the tasting menu will fill you up.

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    The Wine

    Nice list of wines, especially the selection by glass is good for whom prefers to taste a couple of different grapes than ordering a 750ml bottle.

    Every Monday they offer high quality wines for half price. Ask in advance about this offer.

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    The booking system is crap because it is the proprietary system of D&D.

    It works only when the restaurant is open so don’t worry if you are finding difficult to book. Also sometimes on bookatable there are offers in the restaurant with a free glass of bubbles with the menu.

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    The Business Side

    The restaurant works very well and they have a really nice bar and terrace.

    The bar isn’t really advertised properly but I believe that is a policy of the restaurant in order to avoid the confusion that you can hear in the bar at the ground floor of the  hotel. (lovely bar but gets particularly busy at 6pm)

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    Brand awareness

    Angler means “a person who fishes with a rod and line”.

    However if you search on google.co.uk the keyword Angler the restaurant comes out promptly.

    The positive thing about the restaurant that the michelin star isn’t attached to a particular chef, in fact they have changed just recently (April 2016)the  head chef  and no one has really reported the news.

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    Social Media

    I like the fact that they have no Facebook account because Instagram and Twitter are enough to keep in touch with their customers.

    However they should register the Facebook page in order to protect the name and to auto publish content from twitter and instagram. So no cost of running the page but still they are present for any possible evolution in the restaurant and marketing industry.

Some photos of the Angler restaurant in London

Angler: a british fish affair
Fancy some fish for dinner? so try Angler!
  • Simple menu
  • tasting priced correctly
  • nothing
8Overall Score

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