Simply Fosh is a creation of the chef  Marc Fosh and it has recently awarded a Michelin Star.

As rebranding of the business the name of the restaurant has been changed cleverly to Marc Fosh in order to have a stronger marketing impact.

Besides that what really is astonishing about this restaurant is the price.

5 Courses meal at Marc Fosh is priced 40 euros. In Jules Verne, 5  courses meal is priced 200 euros.  (both restaurants have a michelin star)

So the big question is: “Is the difference in price justify? is the quality different? “

Besides the difference in rent and wages between the two restaurants, the truth is that Marc Fosh has been able to offer amazing food for an amazing price.

  • Carrer de la Missió, 7A, 07003 Palma

  • 50£ per person

  • Last Visit March 2014

Michelin stars
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    The food

    Good. Really good.

    Of course it is impossible not to think how much are you paying for the food that you are eating.

    So as value for money we are definitely at high levels.

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    The Wine

    You have to know that wine in spain is honestly priced comparing to Uk and France.

    So it is possible to drink really good wines in spain and paying a fraction of what you’ll be pay anywhere else.

    So indulge in a nice bottle of wine!

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    Go for lunch but only if the aren’t 40 degrees outside… otherwise it’ll be difficult to go home after a bottle of wine.

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    The Business Side

    Really well done to Marc Fosh.

    Amazing restaurant immediately converted in a profitable business.  The opening of other 3 restaurants shows that when you strike success, you have to keep pushing instead of laying down and praise yourself.

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    Brand awareness

    Marc Fosh is one of the few chef holding a michelin star in majorca and the fact that his a British Expat adds a lot to his achievement.

    You can’t really fault his culinary skills and business acumen.

    The restaurant opened in 2009 so the results achieved so far are really good!

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    Social Media

    Stunning job again.

    Facebook, Twitter, Intagram. Status updated regularly, professional photos. Interesting comments.

Some photos of Marc Fosh in Majorca

Marc Fosh: The most economic michelin restaurant?
For such a cheap price is a crime not to eat in this restaurant!
  • the price
  • the quality of the food
  • the price of the wine
  • nothing
7.8Overall Score

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