For a lot of europeans in the canary island are a dream and most of the times are compared with the Caribbean and Maldives.

First of all I’ve to say that the Canary Island and Gran Canaria have nothing to compare with beautiful places such as Maldives.

The Canary Island are a cheap destination for whom want to find nice weather during the Autumn and Winter season. That’s it.

I’ve to admit that the Canarians are investing big money in the island but they can’t really change the sea and the beaches.

But if you have to go there, go in style and choose one of the best hotels with a breathless 360° restaurant and bar.

The bohemia suites is an Adult only hotel so no children are allowed. This is important for anyone that wants to enjoy the hotel without babies screaming all the time.

After being in the hotel I can say that it is mainly a marketing idea more than a reality. Families won’t come here anyway and it isn’t one or two children that will ruin your holiday.

 This is also the best hotel for business trips.

Bohemia suites stars:

Discover why this hotel is a place where to stay
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    The hotel

    The bohemia suites & spa has been completely refurbished and has a modern design with an incredible 360° restaurant and bar.

    The spa area is really nice but it gets easily fully booked because there is little to do on the island besides having a massage in the afternoon.

    The hotel has few pieces of art spread around and some nice touches.

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    The Rooms

    Modern design, fully functional and with iMAC  to let you watch movies and browse internet and facebook.

    The design is really great and the room felt really comfortable for one person.

    The suites are best for couples and there is plenty of space for working whilst on Holiday.

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    The food

    It’s okay. The breakfast has quite good choice, the restaurant is average and the bar food ok.

    The bar has a good selection of innovative cocktails. Worth to try them, especially if you are staying for 4-5 days and don’t want to get bored with drinking always the same stuff.

    The beauty of the restaurant is the location, at the top floor with a 360° view. This is worth anything in my opinion.

    Having cocktails here with the resident dj and watching the sunset is really great.

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    The price structure of the rooms isn’t really well balanced.

    The hotel is often empty and still the rooms are priced well over the other hotels of the area.

    So do some extensive research before booking the hotel in order to find the best price.

    I don’t see this hotel getting fully booked anytime soon besides for special occasions.

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    The Business Side

    Ok I’ve already complained about the price structure that should be improved.

    They are trying with matching the prices offered on expedia/etc. but plenty of room of improvements. Especially when you offer packages such as including the rental car or other similar things. Expedia can’t complaint anymore about price matching and you can offer really good deals.

    The hotel offers plenty of services and the brand car for rentals are a great idea.

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    Brand awareness

    The hotel is second on tripadvisor as best place where to stay in the area.

    The only is about the Adult Only next to the name of the hotel on It is really creating confusion with the customers because next door there are hotels for Gays only and “Adults only” in my opinion gives the wrong message.

    Better to write “no children” and in the description they should some how emphasize that the hotel is open  for everyone besides children between the age of 0 and 18. Photos of mix group of people will help as well to understand that everyone is welcomed in the hotel.

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    Social Media

    Ok the new website(2016) doesn’t work properly on an mabcook air/pro due to the size of the screen.

    The new interface is horrible and it is difficult to understand that in the top right corner there is a menu.

    Besides that they are doing a good job on Facebook and Instagram.

Some photos of the hotel The Bohemia Suites & Spa

Bohemia Suites: Gran canaria in style
The 360° view is worth the price. The hotel is really nice
The hotel8.5
The rooms8
The Facilities8
The Restaurant7.5
The Business7
  • Did I mention the 360° view?
  • modern design
  • business oriented
  • the location isn't great
  • you need a car to go around
7.8Overall Score

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