In Tokyo there are 13 restaurants that have been awarded 3 Michelin Stars. Nihonryori Ryugin is one of these restaurants and it is clear why it is considered one of the best restaurants in the japanese capital.

The dining room isn’t the best in the world and you should be coming here not for the ambience but for the food only.

The Chef Seiji Yamamoto has created is own style of cooking using the finest ingredients and skillful techniques.

  • Roppongi 7-17-24, Minato Ku, Tokyo, Japan

  • 350£ per person

  • Last Visit April 2013

Michelin stars
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    The food

    Yes the food is great and it is possible to taste some strange ingredients such as the fish fugu, abalone, etc..

    Some of these strange species won’t be for everyone taste and sometimes the rarity of the ingredient isn’t worth the effort of catch it. (such as the abalone)

    It isn’t a restaurant where I feel that I have to come back soon.

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    The Wine

    You can drink wine with Japanese cuisine and actually some of the dishes can go pretty well  with a nice white wine.

    However go for the Sake, try different ones and find your favorite one!

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    I’ve booked the restaurant through the concierge of the hotel however now there is a new website in tokyo called Pocket Concierge. (link to the reservation page)

    It works like open table and so it should be quite easy to book a table.

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    The Business Side

    In Japan you don’t open a restaurant to become rich or at least of

    Yes the bill is astonishingly expensive but with 20 covers and the prices of living in Tokyo, they don’t really go far with the money.

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    Brand awareness

    Ryugin is at the moment positioned 31st on the Worlds 50 best restaurants in the world, San pellegrino award.

    So this notoriety is definitely giving to the restaurant a lot of brand awareness.

    The website isn’t great for our standards but in Japan the web has been always old fashion comparing to West countries.

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    Social Media

    No Facebook or twitter but an interesting youtube channel.

    This channel shows how the chef prepares some of the dishes that you’ll try at the restaurant.

Some photos of Ryugin in Tokyo

Ryugin: 3 Stars in Tokyo
There are better 3 michelin stars restaurants in Tokyo
  • Unusual ingredients
  • skillful technique
  • The dining room isn't really impressive
7.4Overall Score

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