Sometimes after work you are looking for a solution at your stressful day.

Antidote offers you a escape away under the form of good wine and food.

This isn’t a Michelin star restaurant and this is a big plus because it’s easier to book a table.

Antidote has a wine bar and a proper restaurant upstairs. The restaurant is really one me and my wife favorite because the tasting menu is simple, delicious and comes with plenty of wine as paring.

This is the classic place that when we don’t have a reservation for the evening, we book a table on the same day and don’t get disappointed. (of course for friday/saturday night is advisable to book at least a couple of days in advance)

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    The food

    Simple and delicious. The french influence is quite moderate and the plates are more international.

    Important to note that the initial menu has been designed by michelin starred chef Mikale Jonsson of hedone.

    You don’t have to expect a michelin cuisine but still you won’t be disappointed.

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    The Wine

    Declaring themselves a wine bar, you should expect a good wine list but usually in Soho and central London this isn’t the case. (especially a this price range)

    On the contrary Antidote has good list of wines and some of them are really delicious. As you could expect the majority of wines are French and they are reasonably priced.

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    Go for the tasting menu with wine paring.

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    The Business Side

    I love the location and the restaurant but as business it isn’t as successful as it should be.

    The fact that you can book a table on the same day in central London isn’t a good sign. Especially when you don’t have so many  covers.

    The food is good but this isn’t enough to keep the restaurant full. I think that the main issue is that they should create two active channels of customers:

    • who works in the neighborhood
    • tourists

    For the workers the approach must be done with some offers sent directly to the offices in the area. (office parties work great in bringing potential returning customers)

    For the tourists Tripadvisor is definitely the place to be considering the type of restaurant. The restaurant is really close to Carnaby street and they should be able to target the mid-high level of customers in the area.

    I’ll approach the shops of Carnaby street and offer a 20% discount for their staff if they let you have your flyers on their counters.

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    Brand awareness

    I love the brand antidote but it doens’t really work in the search engines.

    I’ll differentiate the restaurant and the bar on tripadvisor. If you put Antidote Restaurant (instead of wine bar) you’ll avoid to have comments from people using the bar only that are more likely to complaint for nothing.

    The manager or someone in the team should start replying back to the feedbacks received on tripadvisor in order to move up on the ladder.

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    Social Media

    Yes they have a facebook, twitter and instagram account but they are rarely used.

Some photos of Antidote wine bar

Antidote Wine Bar: the solution at any problem
easy place to book for a nice dinner in Carnaby Street
  • easy to book
  • cheap tasting menu
7.2Overall Score

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