I love eating out in restaurants and I find pleasure not only in food but in seeing the complex and efficient machine of a kitchen producing outstanding dishes on and on again.

Of course not all the restaurant where I have been were outstanding but still there is plenty to see and comment about them. One of the other interesting things about eating out is the research in finding the perfect place for the perfect occasion.

My wife teases me when she sees that I spend sometime an hour in finding a specific restaurant however I’m alway looking for perfection and I like reading plenty of reviews, checking photos, understanding the menu and the wine list. So when I get to the restaurant I know already exactly what to expect. Of course I’ve got it wrong sometime but most of the times the experience is just oustanding.

Why do you Michelin star restaurants?

There are a lot of people that don’t understand why I love eating in Michelin Star restaurants. Few people belive that is just the price that attracts me the most however the reality that I like the entire experience that a 3 star deliveres. It isn’t only the food but the service, the wine, the atmosphere and the location.

Of course the are plenty of restaurant that do not hold a michelin star however they are super succesful and offer good food. But still is a recognition that makes my life easier to find the best place where to eat around the world.

Eating in so many Michelin Star restaurant and my appreciation for business make me understand what is necesseraly to achieve such high status from the critic and customer perspective.

I don’t know how to cook and so do not expect from me comments in that sense. If you need advices regarding the best restaurants in terms of cooking please visit Andy Hayler website. He is one the greatest food critics and the only one in my knowledge to have eaten in all the 3 Michelin star restaurants in the World.

My comments are more connected with the success of the business itself. In my opinion your food could be the best in the world however if your profit doesn’t support your ambitions to be the best there is something to work on.

Restaurants in my opinion are one of the hottest businesses at the moment and the use of social media can really make a difference between making and breaking it.

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