There are normal restaurants and there is Al Boccon Di’vino. You can’t compare the two of them because you could be really disappointed.

Al Boccon Di’vino is the genius invention of Riccardo Grigolo, a former food critic, whom has been able to recreate the italian experience of a lengthy family party dinner.

The restaurant has NO MENU and the lunch/dinner last usually 4 hours.

The clientele are usually from the wealthy crowd of Richmond, actors and celebrities and lovers of the italian culture.

Every night is different and your enjoyment is proportioned to the wine that you drink. So if you don’t like wine and 4 hours party, I strongly advice you to chose another restaurant.

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    The food

    Come here at empty stomach.

    You’ll  be eating a good 10 courses menu. And of course if you are still hungry you can ask for extra pasta or maialetto (pork).

    It isn’t a Michelin star restaurant, so do not expect that kind of food or service. However the quality is generally good and you’ll be entertained for the entire lunch/dinner.

    You can’t leave this restaurant hungry without admitting that you have serious eating disorders.

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    The Wine

    The collection of wine is huge.

    There is the house red and white wine however with such a collection of italian classics will be stupid not to order a nice Amarone, Tignanello, Sassicaia and so on.

    Start with a glass of bubbles, after a bottle of white and finish with a deep red.

    A “cicchetto” of Grappa at the end of your meal will help you to digest everything and be declared officially completely drunk.

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    You MUST book well in advance in order to reserve a table at the Boccon Di’Vino.

    The restaurant is super small so spaces are limited.

    Usually I’ll say that two weeks in advance should be enough to reserve your table for the weekend.

    The places has been designed to enjoy the company of whom sit in the table next to you. So don’t be afraid to chat with everyone and share some wine.

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    The Business Side

    This is a beautiful concept that must be copied considering that:

    • one menu for everyone keeps down costs of food
    • one menu keeps down costs of staff
    • 4 hours meal means a lot of wine!
    • small restaurant means small rent

    The only downside is that the popularity of the restaurant is due to the host Riccardo. So the owner has to work long hours in order to keep the atmosphere going. Simona does a great job as well in making you feeling welcome and loved.

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    Brand awareness

    The unique concept for London standards means a lot of publicity.

    Richmond is full of wealthy and famous people, that means more marketing for free. There are plenty of articles about this lovely restaurant.

    Of course the website needs a big redesign and doesn’t inspire you at all.

    Without the word of mouth the place will be unknown.

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    Social Media

    Facebook is used not only by Riccardo but also by all the patrons who post a lot of photos and comments on the page.

    An Instagram account will help considering the beautiful dishes prepared every day.

Some photos of the Al boccon di vino

Al boccon Di Vino: The real Italian experience
You'll love it ONLY if you want spend a day eating, drinking and chatting
  • Truly italian experience
  • You can make new friends
  • they can't accept walkins
8.3Overall Score

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