Over the last few years I have been almost completely invested in my most ambitious project to date: Room Club.
Stemming from an idea that had hit me a while ago, this concept has developed day after day, month after month, taking its current shape in the last quarter of 2018.
I have always been involved in property and all the aspects of this fascinating world: from investment to development, from management to lettings, I believe that real estate is an unique environment in its variety of success stories. Everyone needs a home, but few are aware of what happens behind the scenes.
Having a 3-year-old son (and not being too old myself) I focused much of my attention to the young generations and how they experience the property market in the UK and especially in London. The flatsharing and student accommodation has been on my mind ever since I moved here many years ago and I immediately saw two things: a lack of affordable, good quality solutions on one hand and an enormous economic potential on the other.
I set out to create a Company with the mission to help young expats finding their home without forking out a fortune, and with the help of the right people and the right technology I can say my initial experiment proved really successful.
After some strategic expansions and mergers, our portfolio is now made of over 130 properties with more than 2,000 people every year trusting us to deliver a great service for their choice of accommodation.
All in all, pretty satisfying. Nevertheless I saw that this proposition could have been bigger, brighter, better. I assembled a team to work on how to make this happen, and Room Club was born.
We drew from our combined experience and it was clear that, in order to achieve some sort of success, we would have to look – and work for – each side of the industry. Tenants have different needs than landlords, and agents have needs right in between. We tried to build a platform that could solve the main issue everyone faces when dealing with property, and we chose to focus on the flat sharing market (HMO) and the student accommodation sector, which is seeing investments for billions and billions in the UK. The result of our efforts is now a product that can be used and enjoyed by everyone in the business.
There is a lot more we can do, of course, and this is where our next steps are heading. As with every other tech Company, some investments are needed to proceed forward. We have put together an ambitious but realistic project that could make everyone’s life better (well, everyone that deals with accommodation to rent). We’ll soon be launching the private round of investments, reserved for our closed circle – that includes you if you are reading this. It is a rare opportunity to own part of our Company and help us achieve our targets, a sizeable growth and an all-round success. Being the first investors carries many advantages, of course, that I can explain directly in a meeting or via email. This chance won’t be around for long, though. We have already selected a crowdfunding platform that will give us the boost we need to maximise our exposure, reach new potential customers and most importantly give everyone the possibility to share in our success story by investing as little as £10.
More details on roomclub.com
Stay tuned for updates and news from our campaign!

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